Residential Leak Detection

Austin’s leading swimming pool leak detection company, Spa and pool specialists. ATX Leak Detection uses the latest sonar, pipe cameras and PVC pressurizing tools to help our highly skilled technicians locate the leaks in your swimming pool. Save water this year and let us solve your leak mystery. We can also fix what we find.

Commercial Leak Detection

Apartment Community Pools, Water Parks and Specialty Rides, Hotel and Resort Pools, and more! The level of expertise required for commercial pools is far different than residential pools, tooling and equipment requires the ability to make custom parts on demand. We can repair up to 12" PVC at depths to 15'. ATX Leak Detection has experience with over 800 commercial pools all across the country.

Pool Leak Repair

Structural cracks, skimmer replacement, Epoxy injection, underground plumbing repair and installation, Specialty Grouts and waterproofing, Stone and tile repair, ponds. We can also repair your cracked skimmer with epoxy injection and warranty the work for years to come. Pool Stabilization using cement and Foam hydraulic jacking, Have a leak that someone else has located and need to have the problem fixed in good time with a real warranty? ATX Leak Detection can repair any part of your swimming pool with the least amount of disturbance as possible.

Pool Inspections

ATX Leak Detection can test your new swimming pool before you make that major purchase, the usual pool inspection does not allow you to see what’s underground and since the majority of the pools function is hidden there is only one way to truly know the status, pressure testing and inspection. Let us use our pipe cameras and highly specialized pressure testing procedures to guarantee you peace of mind that you know what you are buying. We are also highly educated on the current laws in our local counties as well as your equipment and it’s function.

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